20% off your first order with offer code 'CIAO'

20% off your first order with offer code 'CIAO'

How It Works

Fresh Pasta In
Three Easy Steps

We hand make our pasta and sauce every morning to make sure it’s packed full of flavour to delight everyone around your table.

We’ll deliver everything you need to enjoy that effortless Italian dining experience at home. Your dish will be ready in just a few minutes.

Cook The Fresh Pasta

Cook The
Fresh Pasta

Sure you know how, but we've got
some tips to make it perfect

Heat The Sauce

Heat The

They’re always seasonal
and authentically Italian

Garnish And Serve

And Serve

We’ll provide that extra
dash of indulgence

When Will My Food Arrive?

We keep things fresh and packed full of flavour. To make sure you get the most out of every bite, we always hand make each dish and deliver the very next day.

And that’s why we have a cut off time. It means we can guarantee that your fresh dishes will arrive the following day, looking and tasting their best.

Order before 1pm Monday-Friday for next day delivery, including Saturdays.

If you order after 1pm on Friday, it’ll land in our kitchen ready for Monday. We’ll cook it fresh and it’ll arrive at your door on Tuesday.

Why Choose Scarpetta?

Traditional recipes made by real Italians

When we came to the UK, we couldn’t find real Italian food that captured the delicious flavours that we enjoyed growing up. Scarpetta was born from a love of those authentic Italian dishes and the fresh ingredients used to craft them.

The menus in our London restaurants represent the best of Italian pasta culture, and now you can bring that restaurant-experience into your home.

Each dish is cooked from scratch in our kitchens by real Italians who know exactly what makes food from Italy so special. We then carefully package each meal, along with the garnish needed to draw out those famously moreish flavours, and deliver it the next day.

The Real Meaning Of Scarpetta

We like to keep things authentic at Scarpetta. That’s why Italian culture and a commitment to quality is at the heart of everything we make.

Whether it’s with friends or family, Pasta is always present and it’s all about bringing people together. “Scarpetta” celebrates this as it translates into the joy of savouring and mopping up your plate clean with bread because it tastes so good.

Delicious And Authentic Recipes From The Two Italian Best Friends

Growing up in Italy, we’ve always been passionate about good food. The cafes and trattorias that we’re inspired by are all about soaking up precious time with friends and family over indulgent handmade dishes.

We designed our London restaurants to replicate this tradition, bringing this joyful atmosphere together with ingredients and recipes from the farms, mills and roasteries that we’ve known since childhood.

Freshly Sourced Ingredients

All Italian food starts with great ingredients, cooked fresh.

We handcraft our pasta from scratch, every day. The flour we use comes from a mill in Southern Italy. It’s freshly milled to order, using the traditional method to keep hold of the nutrients and flavour.

As the seasons change, so do our pasta sauces. We take inspiration from local recipes we grew up with sourcing key ingredients from Italy. From locally sourced Parmesan or Burrata to Calabrian Nduja sausage we always thrive to have fresh high quality ingredients we know well.

Fresh Pasta Meal Kits Delivered From Our Kitchen To Yours

During 2020, we realised it was time to bring our most popular dishes to your door. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, and we’re proud to be able to do so.

Enjoy that magical restaurant feeling at home with delivery of fresh, handmade pasta, desserts and drinks. Every dish is handmade on the morning of delivery to make sure it’s packed full of flavour to delight everyone round your table.

How It Works

Create A Perfect Combination

Frame your meal with drinks to remember. Lift your taste buds with a carefully selected Aperitivo, designed to complement and enhance your dish. Finish your dining experience on just the right note with one of our historic coffee blends, unique to Scarpetta.

Start With An Invigorating Aperitivo

Italian food tastes best when there’s a perfect Aperitivo to match. Each drink has been created to invigorate your taste buds and prepare your appetite for the tasty dish to come.

At Scarpetta, we serve Italian wines, Prosecco cocktails, Spritz and our very own house blended Negroni. Enjoy each drink alongside our classic Venetian Cicchetti.

And To Finish

Finish With A Uniquely Crafted Coffee

We’ve spent years formulating the perfect coffee blend. And we’ve got it just right. Our coffee beans are roasted in Florence by an artisanal coffee house who have been crafting traditional blends since 1953.

We pour two premium blends that you won’t find anywhere else. The Vesuvio, a classically bold and creamy blend of Arabica and Robusta, and the Portofino, a 100% Arabica blend which captures the finest flavours of a true Caffe Milano.

And To Start

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